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What We Do
  • We can provide worldwide PR services on traditional media platforms to create Brand Awareness.
  • The growth of any avenue or venture in this world is dependent upon its community and this community should be managed in the righteous manner.
  • We provide value Social Media Marketing on Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; VK; WeChat
  • We provide influencer marketing on Telegram; Twitter; Instagram.
  • Paid Campaigns are proven accelerators. We also have provisions for paid campaigns on Google AdWords; Yandex; Baidu; Bing


"Blockchain Technology is going to be the fourth Industrial Revolution. With most of the established businesses embracing this technology, it has been amplified to a level where new businesses are making it a tool for innovation and standing out in this highly competitive world. We, at Blockchain PR Buzz, help such young ideas and businesses to build upon their dreams by making it cognizable to the target market as well as maintaining its reputation among all the stakeholders."


Data Security
We understands how necessary user security is on the deep web, and we constantly go all-out to make sure the ecosystem remains firmly protected from malware and other unwelcome agencies attempting to cause harm.

Brand Creation and Management
We don’t just offer digital marketing, but in fact an affordable and simple consultation package to guide you, and your business through a long term digital growth strategy. We unpack who you are, where you want to go and why.

Growth Dependability
We assure the exposure you deserve for your innovations through our marketing services and conduct generous research on assets and use our search experience and development expertise to lead your digital growth, proceeding with a plan that makes sense for you, your brand, and your aspirations.

Insight Expertise
We are proud to spend every day at work and play increasing awareness to the many intricacies and advantages offered by these innovations. Beyond analytics and insights, we’ve got the blueprint to help generate results for your business. In short, we get the right people talking about you.