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The Wasserstoff

Uplifting Humanity Through Technology
Growth Hacking

- We create global presence online

- We build brand recall and increase engagement

- Increase sales or any metric with our services

Tech Consultancy

- Build Tech Teams with our staff

- Highly efficient tracking system

- Very small time bound commitments

- No office space, management or hiring cost

App Development

Android, IOS, Windows or Web Apps development

Project, Process and Roadmap Tracking

Any level of customisation & Cost Effective

Website Development

- Develop surreal websites customised to the last pixel

- With premium design (based on preference of client)

- Secure and Marketing optimised websites

Blockchain Development

- Blockchain based or dApp Development

- Smart contracts on any blockchain

- Integrate blockchain in your project easily

- Create your own custom private or public blockchain

Startup Launch

- We help you create team and processes

- We have different products for all needs

- We help in training, strategising and fund raising

App Development Wasserstoff App Development
Blockchain Development Blockchain Development
Website Development Website Development
Consultation Tech Consultancy
Growth Hacking
Launch Your comapny Startup Launch

The Wasserstoff

Technology is ever changing, ever growing. It is an integral part of your life no matter the age, location, gender or religion.
The Wasserstoff is a startup with a vision to shape the future through the Technology and its Applications. At Wasserstoff, we create-help-grow with anyone who is like minded and needs a helping hand. We have the right people to support, push and guide to new limits. We are a group of people that admire the startup ecosystem and are doing all we can to help.
Now you can grow with The Wasserstoff as well. If you have any technology that can disrupt the way we work and provide humans with more to look for or push humanity to a new height, then you are welcome to join us. Drop us a mail at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

Soneshwar Singh, One of THE FOUR

“Last 150 years have changed pace of growth for humans more than the last few millenias. I believe humans are made to collaborate and create together. A collective consciousness will lead to miracles we have never imagined and this is what we aim for. We will keep you free from trivial work to be more creative and uplift the entire race together.”

Wasserstoff Family

The path to a fast and secure future is through an expert pairing of technology and activity. Having the resource of technology, we have furnished application platforms that conduct activities and provide services that will change the way you experience technology, and we are developing more of them in the foreseeable future.

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A Digital Symbiote School that attaches itself to any ongoing curriculum and imparts knowledge to a much wider audience. With collaborative tools for teachers we are globalising education and its best practices. With focus on primary years and after school years Eduvano will bring new era of education.

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Blockchain PR Buzz

Blockchain PR Buzz is the one-stop-shop for everything realted to ICOs. BPRB serves the best ICO Marketing and PR Solutions, with the fastest Press Releases and best marketing services, it is amongst top 3 ICO Agencies in the world on ICOBench.

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360C Compliance

An advanced tool to bring the law online and help even a common man be fully compliant with the law. No more hassles to understand the procedures, no delays due to rush, work timings, holidays or any other obstacle. A complete report of how your legal health has been changing over days, weeks or months.

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Wires Media

Want to do creative writing, reading, analyse case studies, research, learn about any topic, then WiresMedia is the place for you. With very sophesticated tool that helps you manage your content, earn from it or help people by correcting others mistakes and create biggest repository of knowledge bult by the community and for the community.

BTC Wires
Soneshwar Singh: Understanding Blockchain
Blockchain and Crypto have successfully become the biggest trend in the technological ambit of 2018. However, the movement is falling short of a mass momentum and comprises only of the active crypto community acting as the fuel cells of this technology. Demystifying all fog of confusion for new Crypto users, or people who are not quite convinced about this technology due to lack of knowledge, we bring you a masterclass from Mr Soneshwar Singh, Chief Technical Officer of The Wasserstoff. In this article, Mr Singh is going to walk our readers through a step-by-step process into the depth of the ecosystem.
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