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  • Starting with EVM chains, Uatu will be watching all the chains to build a complete map of data to enable joining of all the data from multiple blockchains in a single query
  • Find the exact information you are looking for by following breadcrumbs based API endpoints that work as a graph query in the url itself.
  • A query language that can do bit more complex work for the developer. Now calculate moving average while getting prices data in single query and Uatu does that for you internally
  • Uatu will know what you might need if you are building a wallet or a launchpad. Specially curated SDK's that just have your data that might be required.
  • Uatu sees all, knows what you want and can now create endpoints or queries in real time according to your needs using AI based models trained on the queries dataset.
  • With all this data, Uatu will know of large inflows-outflows, movements on chain or off chain and much more to predict certain movements with accuracy and reason.


"Since the advent of blockchain technology a new problem with data has emerged wherein making sense of all these transactional data available publicly in a simpler and easy to understand manner is extremely crucial for larger adoption of the technology. The key factors like digital immutability, transparency and security can really change how societies or economies function in a fundamental way but complexity of the technology has been it's biggest enemy for mass adoption. UATU's vision is to solve this very problem by making data from all blockchains accessible and simpler for even a layman to comprehend."


Integrate with any blockchain in 2 minutes or less.

We'er syncing data for all public blockchains. You can watch any blockchain, EVM or Non-EVM we've got you covered.

Easy to Use
No heavy API docs to understand how things work. It is easiest to use among all available alternatives.

Analytics Tool
Analyse any blockchain's data and create valuable insights to make sense of raw data and take better and smarter decisions for your DApp or business.

Leverages machine learning to do most of the heeavy lifting for you. Uatu sees, tells, does, knows, thinks and predicts.

Query Builder
Proprietay query language to enable even a layman to query data though UATU.